Tom Bartos, Founder, Horseshoe Bar Preserve

Tom Bartos, Founder, Horseshoe Bar Preserve

Horseshoe Bar Fish and Game Preserve, Inc. was founded on May 1, 2007. As the first year came to a close we realized we had the opportunity to make Horseshoe Bar Fish and Game Preserve, Inc. something special. We wanted members to be able to enjoy the solitude of a wilderness experience that offers great fishing while being respectful conservationists.

While it is rare when members run into each other on the property, members enjoy running into a fellow member while they are there fishing or just relaxing watching the river flow by.   Members meet one another at club events such as fishing clinics, work parties and philanthropic events. Our annual Wounded Warrior event helps rehabilitate seriously wounded veterans by teaching them how to fly fish. At the end of the day there is something special about fishing and spending the night sitting around a campfire trading fishing stories over a cold beer, glass of single malt or fine wine. Let’s  not forget a great cigar.

Now in our 11th year the fishing has never been better due to a strict catch & release and fish handling policy. The campground has had considerable improvements, cabins, outdoor kitchen, bathrooms and a host of other amenities that make is comfortable to spend a night at the club.  The campground overlooks one of the best fishing spots on the river .

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Thomas G. M. Bartos President and Founder