I have worked for numerous hitech startup companies since the late 60’s.   Those were wild times for companies like Panasonic, Apple, Seagate, Microsoft, Dysan and a host of companies trying to be successful.

After retiring after the turn of the century.  I realized I missed the exciting and challenges of creating a new business and came up with the idea of creating a fish and game preserve for people who needed to unwind after a stressful period.   What better way to unwind than casting a fly on  a pristine river loaded with wild trout.  Just casting across a crystal clear river trying to land in the right seam was just the thing to relieve stress.

Horseshoe Bar Preserve was the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the solitude one needs to recharge their batteries.   Members all share the desire to protect this unique fishery and the environment that surround it.  Being able to see the various species , deer, bear, mountain lions, eagles, osprey and a host of other animals and birds wander around the property is special.  Watching a mother bear gather up her cubs to move along is quite a site as is watching a large buck graze along the shoreline.  Flushing a covey of quail is an everyday experience.

Members and I share the desire to preserve this uniques property and the wildlife that lives there.

Tight Lines,’


Thomas G,M., Bartos

President & Founder