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I fished with my 12 year old son Clay today. We hiked down beyond the cathedral. There were both medium brown caddis and October caddis hatching from 4:30 pm on. And there were a lot of them. Best hatch I’ve seen at the club, of any type, since the march browns this spring — actually better.

Clay hooked a pretty good sized fish on an orange stimulator. After a nice arial and a couple of runs it stopped short about five feet from shore. I kept telling him to swing it over to me so I could net it. And he kept saying “I can’t!” Thinking he hooked a monster — and I could just barely see it beneath the surface, because it was obscured by the glare — I took a few steps toward it. That riled-up the fish and he wriggled off the hook. What happened was that the nymph that was tied about 4-5 feet behind the stim got snagged on a rock, and the fish couldn’t move except a little side-to-side.

The rest of the fish we caught took size 16 parachute BWOs.

Clay says he wants to fish more. Cosmo is a happy dad. I think he is going to get his own Tenkara rod too.

Can’t wait to hit the club again.

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