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Bob Townsend, Denny Freidig & I went up to the club to spend some time together.    We went up Wednesday and did some fishing below the campground and then BBQ’s some steaks for dinner.    On Thursday our wives came up to spend the evening.     What a great way to spend some times with friends.   There was no moon, so the stars we spectacular and the shooting stars were abundant.    Denny & I enjoyed talking and watching the shooting stars while Bob slept well into the night.   Around midnight we tried waking Bob , but he wouldn’t have it.   We headed for the cabins and left him snoring away.

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2 Responses to “An Evening at the club”

  • Bob Townsend says:

    Very flattering photo Tom. Remember well… that payback is always somewhere in your future! Bob

  • dhnaves says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! only good friends can get away with stuff like that. looks like a great time. i swear one of these days i’m going to get down there and actually enjoy it in person instead of virtually in front of my computer.

    i *did* however get to go out with the fam to downieville recently and try a sage custom prototype (2 weight), which completely blew my mind. wasn’t even aware that 2 weights were available. the brook trout i landed didn’t know either. =^ )

    thanks for posting!!


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