Please treat the cabin with respect & leave them how you would like to find it upon arrival.

Sign register book whenever using the cabin.
There will be a book in each cabin where you should sign in the dates and the names of those who stayed in the cabin. Feel free to comment on your stay. We need to understand the usage and also know who stayed in the cabin last should there be a problem.

No food in cabins, food attracts bears.
Bears have a keen since of smell and can smell crumbs that may fall on the floor and odors from food that was eaten in the cabin. If they smell any sign of food in the cabins they will break through the windows to get in. If you don’t want company during the middle of the night don’t bring food into the cabins.

Keep wading boots, waders & wet gear outside!
The floors are newly laid and we would like to keep them looking good. Wet shoes and dripping cloths will cause them to warp and discolor. Keep the wet gear outside.

No Pets are allowed in cabins.
Pets leave hair around, so please keep your dog out of the cabins.

No Smoking, Candles or Flames in the cabin.
While I love a good cigar there is no smoking in the cabins. Candles and other object that have a flame are not allowed for safety reasons. A fire would be devastating to the entire club and region. You would also be financially responsible for causing the fire.

The bed sheets are for protecting the mattress. Do not sleep directly on them. Please bring your own bedding/pillow to sleep on during your stay. We will be washing the protective sheets periodically, but they are not meant to be used as a bottom sheet.

Sweep floor prior to departure.
Don’t forget to shake out the rug outside.

Make sure doors & windows are closed.
Common sense. The wind and rain can cause serious damage.

Report any problem or damage immediately.
John will be inspecting the cabins after each stay and will be reporting back to me on any problems. If you find the cabins are not in the condition you would expect, please drop me an e-mail or contact us here. I will contact John and the last person who stayed in the cabin.