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Horseshoe Bar Fish and Game Preserve is devastated to announce that thieves broke into our storage area where we house our equipment for the Wounded Warrior Event that is held the first week in October every year. Finding out that someone felt they needed to steal from these veterans is heart breaking. It is like stealing from a church or organization that helps those less fortunate of our community. This break-in will set us back many years as the amount of equipment they stole exceeds $25,000. Much of the equipment has the initials HBP written on it. Only the veterans that attended our events or members of Horseshoe Bar Preserve would have equipment with the “HBP” letters printed on it. Some of the rods were made by Bill Carnazzo and had his name printed on the rods. Many of the waders had the size printed in Black Felt pen. If you see this equipment being sold, do not say anything or accuse anyone. Please contact us immediately at 916-205-6073 or the sheriff’s department and let them know you believe it may have been equipment stolen from Horseshoe Bar Preserve in Foresthill. Police Report # 15-11343.

FOX40 News Report of the Stolen Wounded Warrior Equipment >

It has taken years to gather up all the equipment we need for the event. Volunteers have put in hundreds of hours raising funds and helping to acquire the equipment that is needed to hold the event. We also provide the veterans with the same equipment when the event is over. Each veteran is given a complete fly fishing outfit with all the flies and equipment needed to continue fly fishing including boots, waders, fly rod and reel, plus the vest/chest packs that have all the supplies needed to fly fish. The fly boxes have over 100 flies in them to allow the veteran to fish anywhere in the country.

Over the eight years that this event has been held we have helped rehabilitate seriously wounded veterans by teaching them how to fly fish while staying in our campground along the river for four to five days. Literally all of the veterans who have attended our event have said that learning how to fly fish has changed their lives and their families’ lives in so many ways. As one of the vet’s wives said to me this year, “My husband looks forward to being able to go fly fishing every week, and when he returns he is a different person. You can see it in how he seems content and truly excited to tell me how he did and how he was able to forget about his injuries. Your program has changes our entire families’ lives for the better.”

Participating and volunteering in our event is incredibly humbling as you are involved in helping these veterans deal with a wide variety of physical and mental injuries. It is one thing to hear about their injuries and another to actually live with the vets for five days. You get a firsthand view of seeing what they go through on a daily basis. You also are humbled by their attitude and desire to be treated as if they had not been injured. Many of these vets refuse to use handicap placards in their cars because they do not view themselves as being handicapped, even though they are missing limbs and suffering serious nerve and brain injuries.

If you would like to help us replenish the equipment that was stolen, please contact us at, 916-205-6073 or you can make a donation right here:

Thomas G.M. Bartos
President & Founder

Hi All,

Rusty, Jim & I  made the float trip from the Dam down to the Storage area( about ½ mile) .    Floating at the low flows is not something I have done previously. It was both good and not so good.  We scraped and bounced off  a few rock which made it exciting.   Nobody flipped and it made the trip fun.  The Predators performed exceptionally in both the shallow water and also going through the two rough rapids.  My oar got caught and spun me around, but the predator handled it perfectly as I went through the rapid/pillows sideways.

The north fork came up much quicker than I had remembered.    This is a beautiful little tributary.  A Tenkara would be the perfect rod to fish this water.  You could also short line or high stick this water.  Because of its size it is really a one person tributary unless one of you hikes up a ways  carefully not to disturb the fish.

The confluence is a beautiful area with the NF flowing into a large pool with two beautiful riffles running out of it.   There is beautiful nymphing water throughout this float.  Because of the low slow flows swinging was not productive.  I would like to try swinging when the flows are higher.

Shortly after we left the confluence we got into some shaded areas where hatches were happening.  I switched to dry fly and picked up a nice fish while chatting with Rusty.  I never saw the take, but the tug was something to remember.   The fish was a ways out there and I lost the fish when it started an array of aerials.    I quickly picked up another and lost that too due to aerials.  I need to get better at this.  It may be that they had taken the 18 BWO.  I had on my usual Turk Tarantula (TT) with the BWO about 18” off the back.  I had a gray TT, but I usually like the orange & red body TT.

As we headed downstream the water widened and slowed perfectly for dry or nymphing.  About 150 yards about the storage area take out the dry fly action really picked up about 6:00.  I lost 2  and landed 4 nice rainbows in the 14” to 16” range as they took the TT.  I try to let them get off by themselves once they are within landed range.  It is funny how they can get off easily while they are out there, but when they are close in and you want to release them they just will not get off.

My next float will be from the lake downriver.  I am excited about this float as I love the Gray Eagle pools and also that huge pool above the Cathedral.  I really would love to get into that 10 pound brown again and get a picture of this monster.   His family and friends are pretty large as well.   I will probably up my rod to a 6wt or 7wt the next time.

While there were times when I would have liked to have my fins to fish the large pools, the Predator makes it very easy to wade.   It is like a floating walker.  I am amazed at how easy it makes wading.  When it is around me, I feel like I can dance across the cobles and boulders.  With my bad knee it is a life saver.    What is really nice is when you see an area you want to fish you can just stand up and cast assuming you are not in water too deep to stand up.  You make a few cast and if you don’t hook something you just down and move along.  You do not have to worry about getting out or losing your unit as the bar prevents it from floating away.  It does not affect your landing a fish even without a net.  I am putting together an order for Scaddens and would like to have at least six units to qualify for free shipping and perhaps a discount on the wonderful rolling duffle bags.  I love these bags as everything fits in it and it is easy to  move around on the wheels.  The Predator normally sells for $1700 because it is made of Kevlar and only weighs 13 pounds.   Dave usually give me the show sale pricing of around $1000-1100.    The Renegade is a bigger version and weighs 28 pounds because it is not made of Kevlar.   The renegade is like riding in your favorite recliner.  It is very safe in any water and easy to maneuver.   I love fishing in it when I want to take a large cooler, dry bag etc.  It carries a lot.   If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

Tight lines and keep your experiences coming along with pics. You don’t need a trophy shot of a fish to let us know how you did.  As you can see from this email there are plenty of pics to take without a fish in it.

Tom Bartos

President & Founder

The weather was fantastic !!!! Food, refreshments and cigar were superb !!!! Workers were fantastic !!!! We all had a great time Saturday. It’s amazing what you can get done in a few hours. All of the pine trees were cleared of dead Hanging vines and branches. The Bear locker pad was carved out. The trail to the Bear tunnel was cleared. The water tank overflow plumbing was fixed so that it drains properly. The fire pit was completed. In the campground and lake area spools and old tables were burned . We also went to the back of the Horseshoe and found the waterfall that fills the pond at the back of the Horseshoe. The falls were incredibly beautiful. Had it been summer I could see taking a shower in them as they were crystal clear. All in all we had a great time.

Members then relaxed and enjoy burgers, potato salad, chips and beer. Those that participated also got to try out several of the custom made cigars that we will be introducing in a few weeks. Yes, Horseshoe Bar Preserve members will be able to enjoy custom made cigars exclusively made for club members. Each cigar will come in a glass tube sealed in wax and bare the Horseshoe Bar Preserve logo cigar band.

We also observed an otter in the back pool foraging for food. If an otter is back there foraging, there must be fish. I will be taking a float tube up to the pond in the back of the Horseshoe this week to check out the pool for fish and depth. If you are interested in joining me drop me an e-mail.

On another note. I was at a party this afternoon at the Oak lake club house in the community I live. With the river raging I could help but check out the lake to see if the bass had began building their nests. I saw several bass hovering over their nests. If any of you are interested in doing some bass fish, drop me an e-mail. We have three small lakes that can be fished from a float tube/ pontoon boat or from shore. I have always found fishing best in the late afternoon. Besides bass these lakes hold the biggest crappie I have ever seen. The biggest I have caught was 18″ long and 3″ thick. They really put up a great fight. I don’t have PCWA FERC meetings scheduled this week, so drop me an e-mail or give me a call if you are interest in doing some fishing.

We will be having our first float of the year on March 19th.  The float will be from Oxbow Dam down to the Campground.   Floating down from the dam will give you opportunities to fish areas that you have always wanted to get to.

Willow Bar: Starting at the top of the club getting out and fishing Willow Bar should be fantastic at this time of the year when rainbows come up stream.  Wading could be tough as the water should be running high 1000+ CFS.   Willow Bar has very little pressure and is a long great run.  Nymphing with large rubber legged nymphs with PT’s & other small nymphs should be very productive.  If there is sun with little wind we should see some hatches.  There is a takeout on the north side at the storage area for those that want to cut their float short.

Boxcar: The Boxcar run is the most popular place to fish except for the lake below the tunnel.  After running through the fast water the run dumps into a deep and long pool.  There is a nice eddy and a nice shelve along the south side of the river.

American Bar Rapid: This will be the most challenging part of the float.  I suggest you just float through this run as you can access it normally fairly easily from the boxcar or hiking down American Bar.  Once you get to the bottom there is a great eddy as the rive turns left and you enter into a series of deep pools with Little Pleasant Bar on the left.

Little Pleasant Bar: This is a great time to get off on to Little Pleasant Bar and fish this run from  a side that offers great opportunities.  Very deep nymphing is recommended.  This will  allow you to fish the eddy and far bank accross from the camp grounds.

Big Pleasant Bar: Time to end the trip.  This is the bar below the campsite.  YOU NEED TO STOP HERE !!!!  THE TUNNEL CHUTE IS A LEVEL FIVE  RAPID AND SHOULD NOT BE RUN.

After hauling up your gear, take a break and have a beer and burger.

Tight Lines,


Tomorrow Nov 16th Wednesday there will be a photo shoot at the club. Normally we close the club when this occurs. I am going to leave the club open for members use, however, I would ask that you avoid the campground area and do not interfere with this photo shoot. Also do not try to view the shoot from the road or above the tunnel. They photographer may also decide to change the location so if you see anything that looks like a Photo shoot, please turn around and avoid the area. The photographers get very upset if they have people or cars in the background of a shoot. These shoots can cost upwards of $250K so any interference causes a serious problem for me and Walt.

Thanks for your help in avoiding the area.

Tom Bartos, Founder, Horseshoe Bar PreserveNext Sunday (11/14/10)  is membership Appreciation day at the club. We will be BBQing a turkey, Ham and I will be smoking some salmon this week to snack on with a great glass of wine or cold beer. Please let us know if you will be coming and also how many you will bring with you. Families are welcome so don’t hesitate bring the wife and kids. This will be a fun event as I have invited Tenkara USA to come talk about how the Samurai fly fished in the 16th & 17th century. It is a very simplistic method of fly fishing and it draws one to getting closer to nature and peace. I could not think of a better place to experience Tenkara fishing than Horseshoe Bar Preserve.

I am also planning on having some demonstrations on gold panning and will have a load of dirt taken from the stream restoration area that I understand has quite a bit of gold in it. Any nuggets over ½ ounce found must be shared with me. Ha ha.

Truly this will be a fun event and a great time to hook up with other members. I will also be announcing next year’s event schedule. There will be some surprises and I will be looking for your interest in fishing trips outside the club. A few years back we took a trip to the Fall River together and had a great time staying at Circle Seven lodge. Henderson springs was also a great trip as well. If there is interest in doing this again I will work on setting it up.

Please respond ASAP so that we can plan for having enough food and refreshments.


Karen & Tom Bartos - Founders Horseshoe Bar Preserve imageHBP members & Families,

It’s been a tough year with the heavy rains and then injuring my thumb. Much of what I had planned went out the window. Still, we have made a lot of progress. The cabins are built and we now have an outdoor kitchen area with running water (non-potable). Many of you ask me how fishing has been. How would I know? I haven’t fished much this year. The rains and injury to my hand pretty much eliminated any fishing for me. But as they say in sports, wait till next year.

I want to thank all of you for the hard work, help and loyalty you have shown throughout this year. Words are nice, but actions speak louder than words. As a consequence we have decided to have a member’s appreciation day at the campground for members and families. We will have some fun activities for members and family. The date is November 14th Noon till 3:00. Those that arrive early will be put to work setting up the tables for food and beverages. Ha ha We will be serving food & beverages during this open house. It will be a great time to meet other members and share stories and experiences. Wives can meet and share their interests when husbands are off fishing. Last year we had a great time at the event in December and we were lucky to have a great day of sunshine. Let’s hope our luck holds. If the weather prohibits us from having the event we will send out an e-mail of the change.

So mark your calendars and plan on coming up to see all the improvements and learn about our plans for next year.

Please RSVP so that we can prepare the food and beverages.


Karen & Tom Bartos

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